And here we go again….

Well, well, well- look at what’s back on the market.

Banyule Homestead.


The advertisement with more beautiful pictures is here.  The auction is scheduled for 16 May 2015.

For more about the history of Banyule Homestead, please visit my other site:

5 responses to “And here we go again….

  1. Great! Here’s hoping for a better outcome this time. I know of a church that went back on the market when the developer couldn’t remove the cross. Persistence about annoying conditions pays especially when we are not gullible enough to believe that they will be implemented.

    • It will be interesting to see what happens. The original planning permit that was refused by VCAT lapsed if the property was sold, so I assume that the new owners would have to start from scratch with any new subdivision proposal. Hopefully it will be purchased by people who love gardens and wouldn’t dream of subdivision!

  2. Oh dear, this is depressing. Can’t the council buy it and use it for something the community needs?

  3. Oh that they would, but they were given the opportunity to do so back in the 1990s and did not do so. I think I’ll have to buy a tattslotto ticket every week until the auction so that I can buy it myself.

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