My mum 08/09/25- 17/12/10

Four years ago today.


Mum was an airhostess with TAA before she married.

8 responses to “My mum 08/09/25- 17/12/10

  1. artandarchitecturemainly

    She looked very smart in her uniform. Were women allowed to work, after their marriage?

    • No, she had to retire as soon as she married. She took pride in having been an airhostess all her life. Her nieces thought that she was very glamorous and exotic!!

  2. My sympathies, Resident Judge. And what a beautiful photo – thank you for sharing it. My unwell and elderly mum passed away this year – it’s somehow both a relief and a gaping void.

    • Yes. Even though i wouldn’t have wished a single day longer on her, I find myself often wishing that I coild have her back the way she was ten years before she died. My sympathies to you, too. The first year is hard with so many “this time last year” thoughts.

  3. Very nice. What a glamorous job it was, and good that she did not work for old Reg.

  4. So sorry Janine, a place in your heart always hurts. Steve’s mum Mary Gilbert passed away on December 18, 1989.

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