Oooh goody!

I’m really looking forward to the Masterclass on “Networks of Empire & Transnational History’ that is being conducted down at the University of Tasmania tomorrow.  It’s being conducted by Zoe Laidlaw, one of my capital letter Historians I Admire Very Much.  It was her book ‘Colonial Connections’, along with Kirsten McKenzie’s ‘Scandal in the Colonies’ that spurred me to write about ‘my’ judge in the way I’m doing.   So I’m down in Hobart, one of my very favourite cities, having had an indulgent day off looking through the newly renovated Museum of Tasmania  and Narryna, a historic home in Battery Point.  The Jetstar God actually smiled on me and the plane left on time, and I was upgraded in my accommodation fromthe rather poky cheapest room to something rather more salubrious.  But I’m using my tablet and only just managed to get the bluetooth keyboard to work, and I’ve discovered that I have absolutely no idea how to make a new paragraph.  I probably sound very very excited, but it’s just my technological ignorance!



7 responses to “Oooh goody!

  1. I’m very envious. And I agree, I love that broad sweep of history and family connections. Have a fabulous time and I look forward to The Resident Judge reporting back.

  2. Sounds great – what’s involved in a masterclass ? How did you hear about it ? Julie G

    • it was advertised through the AHA. I have no idea what you do in a master class, but I’ll know by this time tomorrow!

  3. When I bought my last phone, staff cut down my sim card with a knife. I expect you experienced something similar. Hobart is a very nice town with such an old history in Australia. If you can’t afford to live at Battery Point, your next option is Sandy Bay, both serviced by trams in the past.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us. And tell us all about it. I too am excited by that approach to doing history.

  5. I love Hobart too … glad you went to the museum. My brother is an historian/curator there and recently was involved in redoing one of the two (I think that’s right) indigenous galleries there. It was very well received, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    Anyhow, enjoy…

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