Warrior of the Mind- Inga Clendinnen

When I read this interview by journalist Jana Wendt with Inga Clendinnen – my most revered historian- I didn’t know whether to smile or weep.

To be honest, I did both.






My response on learning of her recent death is here.


5 responses to “Warrior of the Mind- Inga Clendinnen

  1. It’s an exquisite piece, an absolute must-read. A poignant, yet sharp exploration of the ground Clendinnen has herself covered: the nexus between the work of the mind and the fragilities of the body.

  2. I have printed this — yes, yes, I still print stuff — to read later. Thanks for posting it RJ because I’ve been wondering about what she’s been doing lately as I don’t seem to have heard of or from her for a while.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I found myself shocked at this article. Inga Clendinnen in my mind is ageless. Yet here she is; not shirking from things that upset us. Wow.

    • Yes- there’s always been an edge to her history-writing, and it’s still in evidence even now. The article highlights the tension that Clendinnen herself described in ‘Tigers Eye’ between the frailty and limitations of the body, and the mind.

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