Enterprize-ing at the Dockland Library


A brand-new library opened down at Docklands at the end of May.  Not before time, say I: the benighted place desperately needs some sort of civic and communal infrastructure to bring people together as distinct from commercial businesses and high-rise apartments.

I notice that on the fourth Thursday of the month, the Docklands History Group hosts a talk between 6.00-7.00 p.m.   Last month they had the always-fascinating Robyn Annear, and this coming Thursday 24th July they are featuring the Enterprize.  The original Enterprize was John Fawkner’s vessel that warped upstream along the Yarra to finally tie up at William Street on 30th August 1835.

Michael Womack, Jess Murphy and Helen Ebsworthy will be talking about the Enterprize (in both its original and replica forms, no doubt), John Fawkner and the early settlement of Melbourne.

It’s free, but you can register here.  And how do I know about such things? Because I met a lovely woman on the train and she told me about it!


2 responses to “Enterprize-ing at the Dockland Library

  1. I read too quickly. I immediately wondered how Robyn Annear could have anything positive to say about Docklands, but ok, I read more carefully and hearing about the Enterprize would be interesting. The other guest speakers are good too.

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