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‘The Judas Kiss’ Heidelberg Theatre Company

I saw this play a couple of years ago, and I see that it is currently being staged by Mockingbird Theatre with the same lead actor between 15-22 March 2014 at Theatre Works 14 Acland St, St Kilda.

The Resident Judge of Port Phillip

Once again, I wish that I’d seen this before the final performance so that I could encourage you to go.  Alas, too late (again) .

Written by David Hare, the two-act  play concerns Oscar Wilde and his lover Lord Alf Douglas. Act One is set in a London hotel, just prior to Wilde’s arrest where his friend Robert Ross is trying to persuade him to leave for the continent; the second act is in Naples two years later where Bosie decides to leave the impoverished and broken Wilde to return to London and his family.

I find it hard to see anyone else other than Stephen Fry playing Wilde- surely a part that he was born to play, and there’s a danger that playing such a flamboyant figure can descend to parody. But Chris Baldock, playing Wilde made the part his own, to the point at the end of the…

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