Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013 completed!


Well, as the year draws to a close I learn that the Australian Women Writers Challenge is gearing up again for 2014.  Will I gird up again? Probably.

I nominated myself for the ‘Franklin’ level (read 10, review 6) and exceeded that. I also vowed to focus on female historians in particular.   Here are my reviews, and yes, this is why I haven’t finished my thesis.  “But it’s all FEEDING the thesis” I bleat in self-defence.


Susan Johnston ‘My Hundred Lovers’

Margo Lanagan ‘Sea Hearts’

Cate Kennedy ‘Like a House on Fire’

Amy Espeseth ‘Sufficient Grace”

Kate Grenville ‘Sarah Thornhill’

Courtney Collins ‘The Burial’

Drusilla Modjeska ‘The Mountain’

Janette Turner Hospital ‘The Ivory Swing

Histories and Life Writing

Gillian Bouras ‘A Stranger Here

Kim Torney ‘Babes in the Bush: The Making of an Australian Image’

Pamela Burton ‘From Moree to Mabo: The Mary Gaudron Story’

Bev Roberts ‘Miss D and Miss N’

Janet Butler ‘Kitty’s War’

Yvonne M. Ward ‘Unsuitable for Publication: Editing Queen Victoria’

Lynette Russell ‘Roving Mariners’

Desley Deacon, Penny Russel and Angela Woollocott (eds) ‘Transnational Lives: Biographies of Global Modernity 1700-Present’

Susan Mitchell ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’

Suzanne Falkiner ‘Eugenia: A Man’

Barbara Caine ‘Biography and History’

Christine Wright ‘Wellington’s Men in Australia’

Sheila Fitzpatrick ‘A Spy in the Archives’

Alice Pung ‘Unpolished Gem’

Judith Lucy ‘The Lucy Family Alphabet’

Kirsten McKenzie A Swindler’s Progress

11 responses to “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013 completed!

  1. Wunderbar RJ! Quite a few there that I’ve read before but a lot there too – particularly in the second group that I’d love to read. You may as well join in this year as, like me, you probably read a decent number of Aussie women anyhow, and it’s great to have them listed at the site, albeit the listing isn’t particularly pretty. We need to work on that to get one complete list from the beginning.

    • Do you mean a cumulative database of the books read rather than divided into years (and then into the first half of the year and the second?) If so, yes- that would be good. And yes- it’s easy to get 10 reviews when you’re reading them anyway so I’ll join this year as well.

  2. Congratulations Janine …….. Well Done You
    Now I have a list of books to look for in the library up here in the Sunshine State.
    P.S. Happy New Year to you and Steve

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  4. Wow! You’re a prolific reviewer Janine. I enjoyed your reviews last year, especially the histories and life writing. Looking forward to reading your reviews in 2014.

  5. Well done Janine, I haven’t got to doing a wrap up post yet. We haven’t overlapped with any books this year- I most wanted to read the Margo Lanagan, Courtney Collins and Judith Lucy books- such a shame I didn’t get to read any of those. Maybe this year?

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