Can women apply?

I can’t quite believe that I’ve seen this.


Can women apply or only young men with sexy five o’clock shadows? The St Vincent’s Medical Education webpage is no better.

Hell, why not go back to the ‘Men’s’ and ‘Womens’ Positions Vacant columns and be done with it?

5 responses to “Can women apply?

  1. Perhaps the old and traditional institutions saw what happened in the right wing press when we had a female prime minister, and they too became alarmed.

    Giving women equality seemed to have been a great idea, until some women had the cheek to actually put equality into practice!.

  2. And the place was founded by women… namely the Sisters of Charity….sigh!

  3. Holy crap! Should we complain?

  4. I will take a contrary view. I have noticed private school advertising using a slightly exotic student photo. Some use a mix, a white, an Asian and an Indian. Middle Eastern hasn’t come into it yet, but give it time.
    I am certainly not up to speed with medical position advertising, but I would have thought it would have already been through the process of advertising positions using foreign born people and women as models. Maybe I am wrong about that. I know from my high flying MD sister in law that the upper echelons of medicine are shockingly sexist and discriminate terribly. They would rather a foreign born male before a locally born female.

    Anyway, he is not that good looking and certainly not so young and surely at times the old stereotype gets a look in?

    I should think the next executive position they advertise will feature an Cambodian born woman. Our 80s refugees whose family sacrificed a lot to give their children a good education must be coming up through the ranks.

    I better stop, but yes the medical profession is probably racist, sexist and homophobic. The next photo when the position is advertised will have a dyke Indian as the photo model.

    Hmm, as I have typed this, I am not sure I am believing my words. It rather depends on how they have advertised before.

  5. residentjudge

    Hi Andrew- thank you for your comment and I’.m sorry to take so long to reply. I was away and using my little netbook and for some reason the ‘post comment’ button kept falling off the end of the screen after I’d written a reply! After losing my reply not once but twice- I gave up until I returned home.
    I’ve also noted the ‘diversity-plus’ type photographs that accompany school advertisements in particular. I’m not sure, though, that an image accompanying an advertisement trying to attract customers (“all are welcome here!”) is the same as an advertisement that will lead to a highly selective process, which I interpret as “this is what we are looking for” or “this could be you”. Although, having said that, I did wonder if the photo was supposed to represent the young doctor (again, male) undertaking the professional development, rather than the Director of Medical Education who had organized it. When I looked at their website and saw that the ‘doctors’ page had all men, and the ‘nurses’ page had all women, I was not comforted that perhaps it was an oversight.
    I was attracted to the photograph in the first place because it’s rare to have a photograph in the employment section of the paper- I did notice this week another job ad with a photo- this time for the Director Research and Communication with Victorian Legal Aid showing a male barrister from behind. It was a smaller, less direct picture.
    It was seems strange to me that such care is taken in using gender-free language in the job description and advertisement, yet there is a gendered photograph to accompany it. I really think they’d be better off without a picture at all.

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