Vale Hazel Hawke


This morning’s Age had eleven full pages and one editorial devoted to the Ford closure.  On page 13 there was a 9 paragraph story about the death of Hazel Hawke, barely 1/4 of a page.  Her obituary, written by Gerry Carman, was headed “A woman with homespun appeal”.

I’d like to think that The Age could do better than that.

I was not particularly impressed by the writing style in the book Hazel’s Journey: A Personal Experience of Alzheimers.  But I deeply admired the woman it described: her resilience, her warmth and her sheer courage in agreeing to become the public face of Alzheimers.

When I heard that she had died, I felt so sad for her family because I know what such a death would have meant.  Vale Hazel.


3 responses to “Vale Hazel Hawke

  1. artandarchitecturemainly

    She must have been a strong, dignified woman to have put up with all the b.s throughout her marriage and towards the end of their time together.

    I had no idea she was an excellent pianist. This week on tv I saw she was one of the three soloists in a Mozart Piano Concerto. Brilliant!

  2. A woman with homespun appeal! Honestly … that’s what we got too in the Canberra Times … being Fairfax Media ‘n all.

  3. And the ABC online headline, defining her not by her achievements but by her husband! *sigh*

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