Australian Women’s Writing Challenge

Surely I’ve finished this challenge by now, I thought, adding a book that I read about a month ago. And so I have.  I went to sign in that I had finished the challenge and they wanted a post linking to my reviews.

Well, here t’is.  In no particular order.  Actually, I’m surprised that I have read as much contemporary fiction as I have.

1. Past the Shallows– Favel Parrett

2. Swallow the Air– Tara June Winch

3. All That I Am – Anna Funder

4. Forecast Turbulence– Janette Turner Hospital

5. Animal People – Charlotte Wood

6. Memoirs of a Suburban Girl– Deb Kandelaars

7. Mateship with Birds- Carrie Tiffany

8. Otherland– Maria Tumarkin

9. Black Glass– Meg Mundell.

10. The Voyagers: a Love Story by Mardi McConnochie

11. Alexander Macleay: From Scotland to Sydney by Derelie Cherry

12. For Those Who Came After- Elisabeth Holdsworth

13. The Lost Mother by Anne Summers

Thirteen- is that unlucky?  There’s more I could add I guess but that’s enough. Look to 2013, I reckon.

5 responses to “Australian Women’s Writing Challenge

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge, Janine. And thanks for your contribution throughout the year. Did you see the AWW survey? It’s to give feedback about the challenge to Bookseller and Publisher.

    Here’s the link:

  2. Well done RJ … and a good range of books too. Are you going to sign up for next year too? This is the only challenge I have ever done and I will do it again … after all, it’s not really a challenge but what I do anyhow!

    • I think I might, and this time I might follow Yvonne Perkins’ example and focus on female Australian historians. Although I often find it a bit embarrassing when I meet them later…

      • I reckon a bit of diversity in reading and reviewing is great too … one of Elizabeth’s goals was for readers to see the breadth of writing Aussie women do and I must say my eyes were opened.

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