Moving Here- 200 years of Migration in England

Another good way to while away an hour or two or three- I found a fascinating website about migration to Britain.  Being on the receiving end of wave after wave of British migration, we tend to forget that Britain itself was- and still is- a migration destination.  The National Archives are the lead partner in a consortium of other British heritage organisations and museums, and the site contains photographs, stories and timelines of Caribbean, Irish, Jewish and South East Asian migration to Britain.

One response to “Moving Here- 200 years of Migration in England

  1. Thanks for the reference… this is a topic I come back to again and again and no doubt, in the future, again. The two migrant groups that fascinate me the most are the Huguenots (1685-1730) and the Eastern European Jews (1890-1914). Hundreds of years apart, yet we can ask very similar questions about both groups of desperate people.

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