The pipes, the pipes are calling

One of the joys of living in Macleod is the sound of bagpipes that drifts up the hill on Thursday evenings as the local bagpipe band has its weekly practice.  Up past Ferguson St, Strathallan Rd, Erskine Rd, Argyle St, Munro St it comes, borne on a hot summer breeze or cutting through the cold air on a still, brittle, frosty night.

But what was that rattle of the drums this morning?- and the pipes- lots of them! There they were on the basketball court at the local high school at 9.30 on a hot Tuesday morning

I’m not quite sure what it was: it may have been a camp for a band perhaps because people were wearing nametags on lanyards around their necks.

It was really encouraging to see such a wide range of musicians: young, old, male, female, Asian, Indian.  Somehow I think there will still be Scots Pipe Bands in fifty years time.  A thoroughly good thing too.

6 responses to “The pipes, the pipes are calling

  1. That’s great to know and such dedication in the heat.

    • They ‘worked out’ for about an hour, which was quite long enough in the heat. I didn’t hear them after that at all so they must have gone home then. Even if they’d gone inside I think you’d still be able to hear them, because they’re clearly audible on a Thursday night when they practise inside a hall and there were so many of them here!

  2. I haven’t heard bagpipes in years – they don’t seem to be around where I live in Sydney. I have memories of bagpipes played in Warrnambool at the camping ground where we used to spend summer when I was very young. I was upset at my parents for not waking me up for the New Year’s bagpiping, but apparently they tried to wake me and couldn’t.

    • How lovely to have the New Year piped in. As a kid, all we did was run around the streets in the dark banging rubbish tin lids. We sure knew how to have a good time!

  3. There is nothing more stirring and spine-tingling than a Pipe band kitted out in their tartan kilts,marching and playing!!
    Whenever there is an occasion of importance,whether it be a wedding,a graduation,a funeral,or a special day…the pipes are always there!
    Scotland’s contribution to the world!If you want to see and hear Pipe bands all day,competing..come to the Ringwood Highland Games,on Sunday,1st April.See website au. Sue macleod

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