We are Geelong

Thank you Red Symons- you’ve verified something for me.

Whenever I listened to the Geelong Football Club song (and we’ve heard it once or twice over the last 48 hours), I found myself puzzled by the first couple of lines. Was it being sung in unison? Why did it sound a bit “off”- as if it was supposed to have two parts, but only one was being sung? I kept trying to sing a different melody in my head over the top.  But in Red’s program this morning (heard rather fuzzily in my daylight-savings time dislocation where 7.30 a.m. was really only 6.30 a.m.) he mentioned that the Geelong song was inexplicably recorded – I can’t remember the correct musical expression- down a third (is that how you say it??) for the first lines.

Here’s the Geelong song  and here’s the way it is in Carmen.  I’m pleased to hear that it IS different- it’s not my imagination: just my paucity of musical theory and terminology to explain what I’m hearing.

I don’t need theory or terminology to hear that something is very, very wrong with Meatloaf (or Mr. Loaf as an article in The Age designated him last week).

Anyway, good on you Geelong.  Anything, anything to stop that triumphalist “Coll-ing-wood” chant.  It still turns my stomach after St Kilda’s grand final loss last year.

4 responses to “We are Geelong

  1. Meatloaf humiliated himself and everyone else who heard the performance. For goodness sake, didn’t anyone hear him in rehearsals? I wasn’t rapt in the national anthem, either.

    But justice was reached in the end. Although I barrack for Melbourne, or because I barrack for Melbourne, I was delighted with Geelong’s victory.

    • Thank heaven he had his female backing singer who carried him through the performance. I wonder what SHE thought? Or is he always that bad?

  2. Does that mean the Geelong song does not start at the beginning? I only vaguely heard what Symons was saying.

    • No- it’s more about the notes that it starts off with- they go further down the octave than they should on the “We are Geelong” part of the first line. I only half-heard what he said (because I was still half-asleep) and I don’t have the terminology to explain it! Help someone???

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