Something to think about…

If the great leading article of a creed be a contradiction of the intellect, or understanding, or reason, then the whole religious system must be supported by contradiction and absurdities… if a nation’s faith be superstitious and irrational, and they sincerely believe it, then all the laws and customs and institutions will, in some degree, be tinged with irrationality

Rev. Maxwell Davidson, January 30 1853 at the first Unitarian service held in the Mechanics Institute, Melbourne.

2 responses to “Something to think about…

  1. I did one of those online quizzes which helped you identify which ‘religion’ or belief system suited you best based on your beliefs (answering a load of questions). I came up with universal Unitarian…which I had never heard of. But opportunities for like minded people appear thin on the ground in Australia – and nothing in Tasmania where I live right now. Also I recommend trying the online medical symptom checker if you doctor phobic or a budding hypochondriac, I have found that spookily accurate as well.

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