Betty Lumley 8.9.1925 – 17.12.2010

My beautiful Mum passed away last Friday.

5 responses to “Betty Lumley 8.9.1925 – 17.12.2010

  1. Losing a parent must be the toughest task of all. The good thing is that you won’t ever forget all the memories of a lifetime. Plus I hope you have heaps of photos, going right back to your infancy (or even further).
    Long life

  2. Sorry to hear. Thoughts with you.

  3. So sorry to hear your sad news, sympathy and best wishes to you and your family xxx

  4. I’m sorry to read this. It’s been 30 years (give or take a month) since my own mum died suddenly, and I think of her often, and dream about her even more often. My condolences to your family.

    • Thank you. The dreams are weird, aren’t they??!! Although quite comforting in a way, too- that little jolt of recognition in the middle of an otherwise baffling dream when you think “Oh- it’s Mum!!”

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