The Resident Judge reckons 28/11/09

that she would have trouble answering the recent Age Poll of 24 November about the ETS that had just been announced the previous day.

The question was:

Do you agree with the deal struck between the Government and the Opposition over the Emissions Trading Scheme?

Yes, or No was the choice.  Some choice.  What about the “I want us to have something concrete at Copenhagen rather than sitting around daring each other to go first”  option?  What about the “It’s a poor effort but better than nothing” option?

I wonder what motivated the 32% to say ‘yes’?  And conversely, the 68% who said ‘no’?  ‘No’ because they didn’t want an emissions trading scheme at all?  or ‘no’ because this one is too weak,  gives away too much to polluters and deflects the need to make changes in the way we do things?

Actually, I felt a little frisson of history-in-the-making when Malcolm Turnbull made his speech about climate change the other night.  I suspect that he will be rolled this week, but I came over all goosey hearing some genuine conviction being expressed, instead of just snarkiness and point-scoring.

2 responses to “The Resident Judge reckons 28/11/09

  1. I think it is fair to say the government does not want people to understand ETS and CTS. Hockey would do well to avoid leading the Liberal Party at this time. Oh, I should not be writing a post on someone else’s blog. Yes or no question is a bit like the ‘have you stop beating your wife’ question.

  2. Lovely post Janine … on all counts. Couldn’t have said any of that better myself.

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