The Resident Judge Wonders 12/11/09

…whether we really need ARMED security guards at railway stations?  Bailleiu seems to have picked a winner as an election policy. But two ARMED security guards down at the little station in Macleod?  Every night?  I don’t think so.

3 responses to “The Resident Judge Wonders 12/11/09

  1. The whole guard business troubles me. While we have a guard for our building at times, it is private property. Railway stations are public property and should be guarded by our police force. Clearly there is not enough of them.

    • Is your guard armed? As much as anything, it’s the visual menace of the gun that I find uncomfortable, and I feel that way even seeing the police patrolling the streets with their guns clearly visible. I don’t like the normalization of the fact that, at any minute, that gun (or a gun handled by someone else) could shoot someone dead, just like that. I know that every minute is contingent, but I don’t need to be reminded of it. A good lurk for the inevitably private security company they’ll award the contract to- and sometimes you wonder about the quality of some of the security guards you see around the place.

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