The Resident Judge reckons 4/10/09

…that the clutch bag, which is supposed to be all the rage for Fashions on the Field is another way of ensuring that women remain decorative and useless.  As if the hobbling high heels are not enough, now we have to shuffle along,  clutch bag in hand or wedged tightly under the arm.   How is one to hold a drink, hold on to one’s hat, nibble on a canape etc. with just one hand?  Not really my problem and not high on the world’s priorities but frustrating and demeaning nonetheless

4 responses to “The Resident Judge reckons 4/10/09

  1. LOL Ms Judge! You go with the suggestion in one of those “possibly related posts” under your post and choose a clutch with a chain. I have a couple of those and I NEVER use them without the chain. Worse, are those cute little evening bags in which you can put NOTHING. Remnant I suppose of those days when the man drove, paid, gave you his hanky if needed. ALL you needed was your lippy! I have a few of those bags too – and chain or no chain I hardly ever use them. Where to put the mobile, the digital camera…the trappings of the modern woman out on the town!

  2. I can remember trying to make my Barbie-like doll hold the stupid clutch bag that matched her outfit – of course her hand didn’t close and the silly thing was a useless piece of rubbish.
    There should be a fashion law that says “If Barbie can’t be bothered with it, neither should a grown woman!” 😛

  3. Love it Jayne. I can work with that! LOL

  4. Go Barbie, source of all fashion wisdom! I wonder if a clutch with a chain still counts as a clutch though? And you’re right about the useless little evening bags. All I seem to do is collect concert tickets in them.

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