Vale Constance E. Little

Trawling through the death notices today, as is my wont, I noticed that Constance E. Little (formerly of Swan Reach and Eagle Point)  died yesterday.  For regular Age readers, Constance E. Little has been a mainstay of the Letters column where she aired her opinions on everything from John Elliot to global warming.  In December 2008 she announced that she would be capping her pen because of ill-health after a stroke.

Most of her letters were sent from her sheep and beef farm on the Tambo River at Swan Reach in south-east Victoria, but her interests and observations ranged far beyond that. She was born on 30.11.1919 in Benalla, and apparently began writing letters for her school paper at the age of 14, later contributing to local, country and metropolitan newspapers over many years.  She sounds some lady: her funeral notice asks those planning to attend the Bairnsdale service to “please wear a dash of pink in Connie’s honour”.

Her death notice says “Constance loved all her readers and thanks them and her editors over her lifetime.”  I think it is equally true that her readers loved Connie and thank her over a lifetime.  If she’s a believer, and if she’ s right, then no doubt she’s giving those beyond the pearly gates a piece of her mind as well.   If not, we’re all the better for her writing and her engagement with more earthly things.   Vale Constance.

9 responses to “Vale Constance E. Little

  1. To use a young person’s expression, OMG. Vale Connie.

  2. I always agreeds with her letters.
    bless her soul.

  3. How sad that she’s no longer with us.

  4. Constance E. Little was always a piece of home whenever I saw her letters in the Saturday Age while I was far away. I knew she wasn’t young when I first encountered her about 30 years ago, and there were times I’ve given thanks she was still with us. Mrs Little had an often unique perspective, but always the right words. She has been missed. Condolences to Janet.

  5. Margaret Bywater

    Vale Constance E Little

    The end of an era! I well remember Constance from the mid 1960s when I lived in Bairnsdale.
    Constance was an avid reader and supporter of the local Library, at that time I was a member the staff of the Bairnsdale Library.
    Over the years I have enjoyed her wide ranging contributions to the Age.
    Constance we salute your memory, and send condolences to your family.

  6. Now we just have to get rid of that other old bat from the Herald Sun. Joan Marshall from Moorabbin, if I recall correctly.

  7. omg im so sad i cant belive she has died:( i knew her so well she was such a good friend cryng face, i use to always look in the news paper to see if she had written but know the little old lady is dead 😦 HAHAHAHHAHA jokes im so saddd 😦

  8. Hello From Connie’s daughter, Janet

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