When I rule the world…

I will mandate that car horns be modified to the highest standards of emotional intelligence.  There will be a friendly little toot for “Hey, the red light’s changed!” or “I’m here- don’t back your car into me!”.

There’ll be a happy little wave for “Hello! Haven’t seen you for ages!” and a cheery call of “Hey, I’m here in the driveway waiting for you!” when you pick someone up from their house.

There’ll be a slightly more impatient “Come ON, I can’t wait all day!” and a derisive “Get off your mobile phone, you wanker!”.

And of course, there’ll still be the loud, strident “IDIOT!!!!!!”

2 responses to “When I rule the world…

  1. whisperinggums

    LOL Janine … Len needed the “I’m here – don’t back your car into me” one today. I like your idea…

  2. Yes, I often wished for adjustable horn settings when I drove vehicles.
    Now I just rant from my front porch or broomstick 😉

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