Pigs flew

We can all relax. There was a parliamentary delegation in Mexico City this week. Here’s a picture of them.


But, as Pixie-Anne Wheatley might say,  the real question on our tips and lips is


And our government, I hear, has stock piled two face-masks for every man, woman and child in Australia.  I wonder if that means we can wash one, and wear one?  Or do we keep one for good, and wear the other one while we’re just dagging around the house?

2 responses to “Pigs flew

  1. There’s an advertising opportunity going begging right there – an ad on every mask and it’s not like we could avert our eyes because they’d be everywhere in front of us!
    And the coud have at least tried to colour co-ordinate their masks to match their clothes for the camera!

  2. It’s been done. A TV reporter on one of the news programs today had a beautiful turquoise mask to match her equally beautiful turquoise blouse. No ad though!

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