Daily Archives: December 7, 2008

A job in Higher Education?

I always have a little browse through the Higher Education columns of the Career insert of The Age.  In an earlier life, I have worked in educational design at university and TAFE level, and I like to just keep my eye on what’s around.

Ah, here’s a job for a Senior Educator.


Senior Educator in hairdressing???  Not instructor, mind, but educator…

And the school of Hair Beauty and FLORISTRY??

Carmen Miranda, maybe.


Or perhaps a little topiary?


‘Rock and Roll Nerd’

My niece Louise sometimes commented that when she was performing on stage, she could look down and see her poppa’s bald pate reflecting the footlights and a steadily widening smile crossing his face as he sat a little taller in his seat, bursting with pride.  That’s all she could see- the forehead and the teeth.


I thought of that today, as I sat watching the documentary ‘Rock and Roll Nerd’ grinning away in a kind of maternal pride (even though I do not know the man) and with my eyes welling with tears at his vulnerability, resilience, humanity and the mixture of unfairness, joy,  hard work, exhilaration, edginess and yes, dagginess, of his life.

I’ve always liked Tim Minchin (who physically bears ABSOLUTELY no resemblance to the other Tim Minchin I know).  Ever since I first saw him on The Sideshow, (was it?) I was blown away by his intelligence, talent and outrageousness, even though I’m old enough truly to be his mother.

This is a great documentary- very human and very affirming.  Go see it.