Putting your name on the line

In Saturday’s Age there was a full-page advertisement ‘Honoring the Life of a Great Australian: Ken Dyers 14 July 1922-25 July 2007’.  No doubt the anniversary of his death (it’s odd that there’s no word for that) has prompted this outflowing of emotion.

Apparently he was the founder of the Kenja Communication group (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenja_Communication) and he previously had links with Scientology. Kenja was named in NSW Parliament as a “sinister organisation”, and there have been suggestions of sexual abuse of children and a link between Kenja and Cornelia Rau’s mental state.  According to Wikipedia, for $130 you can undergo an Energy Conversion Session, where you sit opposite another person and stare into their eyes.  That would do it, I reckon.

Anyway, what interested me most about this advertisement was the list of the names of the people who signed, and I assume, paid for this advertisement.   During the Howard government, there seemed to be a string of letters by Eminent Australians castigating the government over treatment of refugees, climate change,  industrial relations legislation etc. etc.,  and a cynic would sniff that they were all signed by the ‘usual suspects’. I was interested to see if the ‘usual suspects’ had signed this one too. Certainly not.  There was not a single name that I recognized.

There did seem to be a preponderance of sports people and dramatists.  And how cute, people affixed their academic qualifications-  two Ph.Ds, quite a few Bachelors degrees and even  an Associate Diploma of Medical Reception Administration- there’s a qualification to conjure with!!  Several company directors, a few personal trainers, and even a “Mother of Five”.  But, thankfully, no-one I’ve ever heard of before.

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