Movie: The Nightingale

Yep, it sure is violent. I was forewarned that the first ten minutes were particularly violent, but I didn’t realize that the violence continued throughout the film. It’s a vivid and gritty depiction of 1820s Tasmania, a place steeped in violence and killing.  It’s more than just tricking-up a horror film with historical artefacts: it’s also about powerlessness and dispossession and revenge. I thought that the ending was going to descend into bathos, but the last two seconds saved it from that fate.

Larissa Behrendt has written an interesting review of it.

It’s now down to one showing a day at the Nova, so it will soon disappear.

My rating: 4 stars

6 responses to “Movie: The Nightingale

  1. Yep Excellent film. Highly recommended. The violence is integral to the story

  2. I think watching the film would make me both angry and powerless. I don’t like violence though I accept Behrendt’s point that it is not gratuitous. I particularly appreciate Behrendt’s nuanced analysis of the false equivalence between being a woman and being Black, though I agree with the filmmaker’s implied premise – that the colonisation of Ireland is often overlooked in Australia

    • I’ve just finished reading Cathy Perkins’ “The Shelf Life of Zora Cross”. I won’t be posting my review until 2020 but have you read it? I think you’d really like it.

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