Two Pops and The Kid

For months now there’s been an advertisement in Saturday’s papers for a SMSF seminar featuring Max Walsh and Daryl Dixon from Dixon Advisory.  It’s always caught my eye: that nice young woman and those two, friendly twinkly old blokes who look a lot like my father.  Youth and experience….that’s what we want!


But yesterday- What’s happened??? Where’s she gone? Now we have a nice young man instead.  The Pops seem just as chuffed though.


Oh no!  Where’s the ‘youth’ gone after just one day? Now we only have experience….


I open next week’s paper with trepidation.

2 responses to “Two Pops and The Kid

  1. Two old white men in suits create a very safe image. The youth (rougue trader) will scare the horses. Not sure why the woman was dropped as she looks to be a safe, conservative and pleasant. Walsh who used to co present the Carlton Walsh report had some credibility in my mind, but now as a spruiker, he has no longer.

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