Uplifting Quotes for the Uninspired Historian #5

‘Being there’ for an historian is the feeling for the past that can only be matched by the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years I sit at the tables in the archives. It is the assurance that my extravagance with time here is rewarded with a sensitivity that comes in no other way. It is an overlaying of images one on the other. It is a realisation that knowledge of the past is cumulative and kaleidoscopic, extravagantly wasteful of my energy.

Greg Dening ‘Culture is talk. Living is story’  in Hsu-Ming Teo and Richard White Cultural History in Australia, Sydney, UNSW Press, 2003  p. 232

One response to “Uplifting Quotes for the Uninspired Historian #5

  1. Yes, spot on with the ‘being there’, immersing yourself into the whole catastrophe you’re reading/researching/studying.

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