Putting history in its place


Well, well, well- I’m on ITunes U! (and so are some of my fellow LaTrobe-ites who read this blog!) There’s some interesting papers there, and a video of Henry Reynolds on the History of Tasmania.

The full title of my paper is “Global Positioning Systems: Circuits of Empire Large and Small”.  It was delivered at Putting History in Its Place, a conference held at La Trobe University in September 2012.

It’s labelled as “Movement around the Imperial Network” on I-Tunes.  When I played it through I-tunes it seemed to be brutally truncated at the end, but my downloaded version ran through to the end.


5 responses to “Putting history in its place

  1. This is fascinating, and sometimes hilarious e.g. the ball. I didn’t know this resource existed and shall be keeping an eye on it in future. Thank you!
    PS You speak very well, clear and expressive:)

    • Thank you- although somewhat stilted. Oh well. Shame they cut the end off though!

      • No, you don’t sound stilted. You think you do, because you know the script, you know what’s coming next. But when someone is listening to it ‘cold’ (especially someone like me who is completely ignorant about the topic) the pacing which allows the oral text to be digested before moving on, is ideal.

    • I Tunes U is fantastic, by the way.

      • Well, it is if you’re not trying to upgrade it. I had a very frustrating time with it the other day and gave up trying to buy anything at all.

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