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‘Mateship with Birds’ by Carrie Tiffany

2012, 208 p. This is a quirky, sly book that had me closing it with regret, with a smile on my lips.  It is set in Cohuna in the 1950s and is redolent of long grass, cow-pats, and dusty roads, … Continue reading

Six degrees of separation: from Bass Rock to….

First Saturday of the month, and so it’s Six Degrees of Separation day. To find out how it works, please check out Booksaremyfavouriteandbest where Kate hosts this meme. Basically, Kate chooses a starting book, then you think of other books … Continue reading

‘Exploded View’ by Carrie Tiffany

2019, 191 p. Carrie Tiffany seems to be writing about times at twenty year intervals. Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living was set in the 1930s, Mateship with Birds was set in the 1950s and here now with Exploded View we find … Continue reading


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My best reads for 2012

The end of year is the time for lists, no?  Well, here’s my list of my best  10 reads for 2012.  I only give a rating for fiction books generally, although one or two non-fictions crept in here because they … Continue reading

Australian Women’s Writing Challenge

Surely I’ve finished this challenge by now, I thought, adding a book that I read about a month ago. And so I have.  I went to sign in that I had finished the challenge and they wanted a post linking … Continue reading